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BlogNews ( ) Whether you’re a customer or a business owner, being tangibly and explicitly supportive of the LGBTQ community is crucial.
BlogNews ( ) Do you want the tea? Organic tea, that is! Then it’s time to take a trip to Arkansas and visit The Green Corner Store’s Tea Bar. 
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BlogNews ( ) Instead of passing the buck on to the rest of us and our most vulnerable citizens, big insurance companies must use their leverage and clout to push the energy transition to a more sustainable future.
insurance, property insurance, climate change, climate crisis, climate justice
BlogNews ( ) Wood pellet biomass masquerades as a renewable energy…but is it, really?
wood pellet biomass
BlogNews ( ) The Clean Energy for All Program will help underserved communities afford energy-saving, home and transportation upgrades, saving individuals money on utilities bills and creating a cleaner environment.
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BlogNews ( ) Medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) trucks are part of the backbone of our economy. Yet, the majority of these vehicles are polluting and expensive to run and maintain. Fossil fuel engines emit concentrated amounts of dangerous pollutants harming human…
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BlogNews ( ) A groundbreaking label from Green America’s Soil & Climate Initiative (SCI) will soon arrive in grocery stores, and with it an inspiring vision of a thriving, sustainable future for our food system. “The Soil and Climate Health…
Soil and Climate Health
BlogNews ( ) From the most recent issue of our magazine, Green American, where we update readers on the progress we've made over the last quarter on climate, finance, food, labor, social justice, and more. Green America’s New Verification Label:…
Green America
BlogNews ( ) In their own words, meet some of the Green Business Network's women business owners and the women they’re inspired by, how they succeed in the face of discrimination, and more. 
women business owners, empowering women, investing in women, women-owned businesses, women's history month, Green Business Network
BlogNews ( ) Whether you’re in the bloom of youth, navigating adulthood together, or savoring the golden years, making sound decisions around your money can ensure a lifetime of financial harmony.
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BlogNews ( ) Green America Celebrates Black History Month
social justice
BlogNews ( ) Shopping Black-owned businesses for Black History Month is one way to support this community that has been systetmically oppressed since the inception of this country.
Black-owned businesses, Black-owned business, Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, green businesses, diversity, Black communities, Juneteenth
BlogNews ( ) One area to think about in a world that demands us to consume is shopping. These ethical shopping resolutions can help anyone become a more conscientious consumer, even in the faces of capitalism and greed.
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BlogNews ( ) The holidays are officially on our doorsteps and with them, a rush to get our loved ones the perfect gifts—or ourselves! Why not save money and show kindness to the planet by shopping eco-friendly holiday sales?
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BlogNews ( ) Why we’re skipping the year’s most ridiculous “holiday.”
Black Friday
BlogNews ( ) Green you holiday by trying out these sustainable options in this Green Holiday Checklist.
green holidays
BlogNews ( ) From the most recent issue of our magazine, Green American, where we update readers on the progress we've made over the last quarter on climate, finance, food, labor, social justice, and more. Addressing the Climate Crisis We are…
Green America
BlogNews ( ) November 13 was the first day of Transgender Awareness Week, a 7-day stretch dedicated to highlighting the vast range of issues faced by members of the transgender and gender non-conforming community through education and advocacy, which…
social justice
BlogNews ( ) From a jellyfish lamp to crayons made from pine branches and coffee, you'll find something for everyone in our Fair Trade Gift Guide.
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