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BlogNews (January 13, 2020) Green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers, employees, communities, and planet. But just because a business claims it is “green” doesn’t mean it upholds the standards of social…
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BlogNews (January 7, 2020) On January 7th at 11:30am, Fran Teplitz, the director of the Green Business Network at Green America, testified at the EPA's virtual public hearing on the Coal Ash Rule that the agency is working to weaken. It is imperative that this rule is not …
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BlogNews (December 26, 2019) 33 banks have funneled 1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016. Of these banks, Goldman Sachs ranks number 12 in the biggest financiers of fossil fuels, pouring approximately $59.26 billion dollars over the last three years. Yet in December of…
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BlogNews (December 19, 2019) In the year after Verizon released a commitment to reach 50% clean energy by 2025, it hasn’t announced any progress in meeting its goal.
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BlogNews (December 18, 2019) Green America—as part of the international Fossil Banks, No Thanks campaign—is continuing to pressure JPMorgan Chase to stop financing the fossil fuel industry.
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BlogNews (December 18, 2019) Our tech allies are asking customers of Amazon Web Services to sign a letter that requests a faster switch to renewables and more transparency in energy sourcing. If your business is using AWS, your voice is crucial!
Climate, Amazon, amazon web services, renewables, Renewable Energy
BlogNews (December 17, 2019) The Future is Digital: Nine Out of 10 Consumers Want Retailers to offer a Digital Receipt Option
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BlogNews (December 16, 2019) By Guest Blogger: Kurt Whitt, Green Business Network Member and Founder/Chief Visionary Architect of EcoPlanetMedia As an earth-friendly creative agency, Eco Planet Media gets a firsthand look at the green trends occurring across business sectors.…
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BlogNews (December 10, 2019) All year we have been sharing various ways that Amazon is bad for workers, our planet, and consumer, and on International Human Rights day, we wanted to use this occasion to highlight some of the worst human rights abuses that Amazon has either…, Employee and Human Rights, Fair Labor (466, International Human Rights Day
BlogNews (December 3, 2019) Amazon's electronics are made with unfair,unsafe labor and dirty energy., electronics, privacy, child labor, Alexa, Ring
BlogNews (November 20, 2019) This Thanksgiving, use food to talk to your family and friends about values like sustainable and ethical food.
non-GMO Thanksgiving, thanksgiving, vegan, vegetarian, recipe, Fair Trade, non-GMO
BlogNews (November 15, 2019) Recycling is a daily practice for many of us, but it can be hard to know if it’s really helping the planet like we’d hope. As we toss recyclables into our curbside bins it can feel like an individual action that doesn’t yield much of an impact. But…
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BlogNews (November 4, 2019) Finding green clothing can be a challenge but it's not impossible. Here are our tips!
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BlogNews (October 24, 2019) What impact does alternative meat have on farmers and the planet?
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BlogNews (October 15, 2019) This year, Green America’s chocolate scorecard included a few new brands that are leaders. The scorecard’s ratings are still heavily based on efforts to combat child labor, but we’ve added a new category on deforestation, one of the many issues…
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BlogNews (October 9, 2019) In 2017, we launched Hang Up on Fossil Fuels, a campaign urging major telecommunications companies to rapidly increase their use of renewables to power networks. Back then, the industry was using almost no clean energy and few companies had any…
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BlogNews (October 1, 2019) Latinx Heritage Month—also recognized as Hispanic Heritage Month—began as a week-long celebration of the heritages and cultures of citizens of Hispanic origin in the United States. Since its creation in 1968 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the…
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BlogNews (September 26, 2019) This summer, Green America joined a coalitional letter to five regional banks urging them to conduct human rights due diligence in relation to their financial ties to private prisons and immigrant detention centers.
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BlogNews (September 23, 2019) The Ivory Coast and Ghana are the top producers of cocoa, globally. Cocoa farms in both countries are plagued by child labor, with an estimated two million children working in cocoa fields. These are not children helping on the family farm part-time…
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BlogNews (September 12, 2019) By Ayate Temsamani, Climate Fellow The Impact of Telecoms The US telecom industry uses vast amounts of energy, with the major four companies collectively using over 30 million megawatt hours (MWH) of electric power every year—enough energy to…
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