Want to Join the Climate Victory Garden Movement? Turn Your Yard into a Mini-Farm!

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Are you excited about joining the Climate Victory Garden movement but not quite sure how to do it? If you have a lawn, then this comic is for you. There are so many benefits to ditching the lawn and planting a Climate Victory Gardennot only are you beautifying your yard, saving money, and producing delicious, healthy food, but you could actually be sequestering carbon dioxide and fighting climate change! 

Already have a Climate Victory Garden? Great! Register it here to see others nearby. Also, join our Climate Victory Gardener facebook group to get weekly tips and join discussions around best practices.  

Been wondering how to transform that patch of grass in front of your home?
The nation's farmland continues to shrink, even as the population continues to grow.
More suburbs = more lawns
Only 4% of the average American yard goes to growing produce.
Lawn irrigation accounts for almost half of homeowners' water usage.
New gas-powered lawn mowers emit 11 times more pollution in an hour than driving a new car the same length of time.
"Bee lawns" and perennials can contribute to a healthy food system.
44 million US households grow some of their own food.
Homeowners keep what they way, the rest is sold to restaurants or donated to food pantries.
Transforming your lawn to a mini-farm could cut down on emissions, save money, and taste good too.

This article was originally published by YES! Media.

Jennifer Luxton and Erin Sagen created this comic for YES! Magazine. Jennifer is a journalist by training, graphic designer by profession, illustrator by passion, and amateur taxidermist by moonlight. She is the lead designer at YES! Follow her visual endeavors at www.jenniferluxton.com. Erin is an associate editor at YES! Magazine. She lives in Seattle and writes about food, health, and suburban sustainability. Follow her on Twitter @erin_sagen.

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