5 Reasons a Climate Victory Garden is Better than a Lawn

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Ready to ditch your lawn and embrace the joy of growing veggies and playing in the dirt? Great! Your gut, your social life, your pocketbook, and your planet will thank you. Here are 5 reasons a Climate Victory Garden are better than a traditional lawn:

1. You can eat it! Grow your favorite foods in a Climate Victory Garden. 


Your garden can grow half a pound of produce per square foot. That could mean saving hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills. Good tasting, good for you.

2. You don’t have to mow it. 

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Mowing the lawn is such a chore. And, mowers are major polluters. With a garden instead of a lawn, you can say goodbye to mowing and hello to fresh food. 

3. You can ditch the chemicals in your Climate Victory Garden.


Lawns are often associated with loads of unnecessary fertilizers and herbicides, but gardens do best when grown regeneratively. That means no chemicals in your yard, food, and home.

4. It’ll help you make friends. 


Gardens mean time outside. Neighbors and passers-by will stop to say hello. Share your bounty with friends. Join garden networks. Spend time in your community. Get ready for garden parties galore.

5. You can fight climate change instead of contributing to it.


Lawn mowing and chemical use contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. But, healthy gardens can actually store carbon underground for healthier soils and a cooler climate. Think big!

In World War II, millions of Americans planted Victory Gardens to support the war efforts. Now, we can ditch our lawns and plant Climate Victory Gardens to reverse climate change. It’s worked before, and it can work again! This spring, choose a Climate Victory Garden over a lawn! 

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