SMB Essentials


We have been Green Business certified since 2005! It's more than just about the ingredients that go into the product. It's also about the principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers, employees, communities, and the planet. 

Green America’s Green Business Certification is the leading authentic trustmark for true green business practices. This seal recognizes businesses that excel in social and environmental responsibility, and have met or exceeded our green business standards.

Since 2002, Skin, Mind, Body Essentials has been bringing a new trifecta to healthy living: the combination of wellness, responsibility and inclusivity.

We are a beauty-wellness company that incorporates sustainable business practices to create natural, non-toxic, earth-friendly, cruelty-free beauty and wellness brands.

Our family of brands include: Lotus Moon, Plain Jane Beauty and DetoxRx and allow us to introduce everyday people to safe and natural products.