Seamessco LLC dba Seattle Messenger Cooperative


Seattle Messenger Cooperative was founded in 2016. We are a collectively owned organization that makes all decisions as a team and is dedicated to providing efficient, environmentally sustainable, and value-aligned car and bicycle courier services to various businesses within Seattle and the greater Washington State area. 

Since our start seven years ago, we have expanded our clientele from a few small legal, food, and commercial organizations within Seattle's city limits to a wider array of local businesses throughout Washington State. We prioritize maintaining small business clientele that are minority- and locally-owned, and provide discounted rates for organizations that do not have a large profit margin in order to ensure that delivery is more equitable.

As we are all passionate about keeping Seattle green, we pride ourselves on using bicycles as our primary means of transportation in order to minimize the negative impact of car pollution while completing our deliveries. Lastly, as a team composed primarily of members who hold at least one marginalized identity, we are passionate about continuing to create a courier company where everyone has a seat at the table.