Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Guest post from Casper Ohm of, an outlet intended to raise awareness of the alarming levels of water pollution in our planet’s oceans.


With 1 million extra tons of trash per week being thrown away by Americans around the holidays, it’s better not to contribute to the already overfilled landfill on Valentine’s Day as well. In fact, creative gift wrap ideas can show a person how much you care. Take your time to come up with eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional gift wrapping that adds to your gift. 

Preserve the aesthetics of the gift and cut down environmental pollution at the same time by using these crafty substitutes:

Cardboard delivery boxes

We all get those cardboard boxes in the mail after ordering something online. If you use them for gift wrapping, you not only reduce your waste and save on purchasing boxes that will wind up in the trash bin anyway.    

Paper grocery bags

Get paper grocery bags out of the stack that’s been piling up in your kitchen corner and pack your gifts in them. For a creative touch, decorate them with a hand-written note to your loved one and an original drawing with your own personalized doodles. 

Old maps and newspapers

Stored away in the attic, old maps and newspapers couldn’t have come more in handy than on Valentine’s Day. Personalize your gift by choosing specific pages from the newspaper and the parts of the maps that relate to your significant other.

Upcycled fabrics

Scarves, shawls, and handkerchiefs you don’t use anymore can be turned into wrapping material too. Learn the Japanese technique of gift wrapping also known as Furoshiki if you want to take gift-wrapping to the next level and really make an impression.

Repurposed old clothes 

Speaking of fabric, you can also reuse the T-shirts and button-downs that are no longer hanging in your closet. Cut-down strips of fabric can be repurposed into bows and ribbons that add character to your gift.

Natural decorations 

Perhaps the most straightforward way to green your Valentine’s Day present is to add to them sustainably-sourced pinecones, cotton buds, leaves, and tree branches. Pick up nature’s decorations from a neighborhood walk. Chances are you’ll have this season’s most original Valentine’s gift presentation. 

Making a positive difference for the environment doesn’t automatically translate to making grand gestures. Changing your gift wrap ideas and habits is a good start to an environmentally-conscious journey you’re embarking on that will account for cleaner and greener surroundings.

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