When Will Verizon Plug into Clean Energy?

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A lot can happen in a year…except at Verizon.

One year ago, the telecom giant quietly released its first major commitment to clean energy. After years of using a feeble amount of renewable power in its massive network, Verizon had finally set a goal to reach 50 percent clean energy by 2025.

Unfortunately, Verizon hasn’t announced any progress, meanwhile its competitors have made strides in clean energy.

This year, T-Mobile announced new wind and solar purchases that will bring the company to 95 percent of its 100 percent clean energy goal. AT&T announced two new deals and stated that its clean energy usage is equal to removing 690,000 cars off the road each year. Sprint also announced its first clean energy project this year, which will provide 30 percent of the company’s energy.

Verizon has not announced any new clean energy contracts, despite obtaining a $1 billion Green Bond in February 2019. These funds could be used for renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation efforts, and more.

But Verizon reported that renewables were a mere 1% of its total energy use in 2018. Since it hasn’t announced any new contracts, it doesn’t seem promising that Verizon will reach its goal anytime soon.

The clock is ticking to act on the climate crisis. Every year, impacts escalate and grow more intense, threatening communities worldwide. We need industries to take aggressive steps to address their impacts.

The four largest telecom companies collectively use over 30 million MWh of electric power annually, which could power all the households in New York City. That’s why we’re urging Verizon to Hang Up on Fossil Fuels and plug into clean energy. 

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