10 Essential Organizations to Help with Voter Registration

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At Green America, all year we say it’s important to “vote with your dollars” – to use your consumer and investor power to drive economic change that promotes social justice and environmental sustainability.

It's also important to vote in the traditional sense – to participate in our democracy on Election Day, November 3rd, or have a plan to vote by mail and make sure that mail-in ballot is received and counted.

We need every strategy available to us to protect people and the planet as never before. The economic strategies we champion can either be strengthened or undercut by the actions of our elected representatives. Let’s make sure we elect people who will truly advance a green economy for all people.

If you are a citizen, please make sure to vote.

And encourage your family and friends to vote as well. Democracy only works when we all participate.

Here are several resources to help you vote in November or enable you to help others with their voter registrations:

Vote.org: register to vote, request an absentee ballot, sign-up for election reminders, urge people too young to vote to pledge to register on their 18th birthday.

When We All Vote:  Learn how to join the movement of those texting eligible voters to register and vote.

Black Voters Matter: Learn about text banking and access their Voting Toolkit.

Rock the Vote: Focus on mobilizing young voters.

League of Women Voters Educations Fund: Sign up as a poll worker; check your registration status; register to vote; find other voter resources.

US Vote Foundation: Find election dates and deadlines; state voting requirements; and voter registration including for overseas citizens.

Election Protection: Protect voters' rights, stop voter suppression, and sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer.

Power the Polls: Find out how to staff your local polling place.

Hip Hop Caucus: Register to vote and find voting information for your state and guidelines for previously incarcerated people.

American Sustainable Business Council:  Provides election resources for business leaders – and the public – including the location of polling places, registration deadlines, and other resources.

Spread the word to family and friends and make sure they know the voting requirements where they live. Voting procedures and deadlines vary!

And if you haven’t already taken our action to protect the US Postal Service, please do so now. The election and our democracy depend on a well-funded and functioning postal system.

- Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director for Business, Investing & Policy

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