Want to Support Sustainable Business? These 4 Companies Have Work to Do

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it has love and sweets on our minds. But as we think about companies we love, it’s easy to forget that some of the country’s most beloved companies are not as sweet in practice as they seem. What happens when you find out a company that was close to your heart turns out to be a letdown when it comes to representing green, American values and sustainable business?  

First, take action and sign letters asking these companies to take more responsibility for their products and workers. Then, remember to vote with your dollars. Every purchase you make (or decide not to make) tells the world what you believe in.  

  1. Disney. It might be the most magical place on earth, but its factories are not. We’ve had campaigns against Disney for years as it continues to work with factories that don’t treat workers well and don’t protect them from toxins. Take action: tell Disney CEO Bob Iger to take responsibility for its factories and end its labor abuses. 

  2. Smucker’s. The company makes cute ads and tasty sandwich spreads, but in most Smuckers jams and peanut butters (yes, Smuckers owns Jif) you’ll find high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar, canola, and soy all derived from GMOs (the brand does have a few non-GMO offerings but the bulk are not). The J.M. Smucker Company has spent over a million dollars fighting GMO labeling, working hard to keep Americans in the dark about what is in our food, as it continues to jam products full of GMOs. Take action: ask Smuckers to make PB&J a non-GMO American sweetheart. 

  3. Ralph Lauren. This company champions a classic "All-American" style of clothing, and even dresses Olympic athletes. Our coalitional #GoTransparent campaign asks industry leaders Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Carter's, Forever 21, and Wal-Mart to publish their supplier factory information. This information will help workers by allowing unions and other labor advocates to alert brands to labor abuses in these factories. Take action: tell Ralph Lauren to sign the Transparency Pledge and commit to safe workplaces for its factory workers. 

  1. Oreo. This iconic cookie outsells its competitors by a long shot, prompting the brand to claim the title “America’s favorite cookie.” But Oreo has a not-so-sweet secret. The high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar, and soy lecithin in Oreos are all derived from GE crops. Hydrox, Oreos competitor, went non-GMO in 2017, so now it's time for Oreos to follow suit. Tell Oreo’s manufacturer Mondelez that GMOs, and their associated chemicals, have no place in America’s #1 cookie! 

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