Tell Walmart to End its Use of Climate Super pollutants

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Walmart stores are leaking potent greenhouse gases that accelerate the climate crisis.

These gases are called HFCs and they have thousands of times the warming power of carbon dioxide. HFCs are used in refrigeration and make up over half of Walmart’s direct climate polluting emissions.

That’s why our Cool It campaign is calling on Walmart to eliminate the use of HFC pollutants and reduce refrigerant leaks. 

Walmart has known about this issue for years and yet continues to increase its polluting HFC emissions. So we’re holding them accountable to make changes now.

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Copy and paste into Facebook post: 

Over half of Walmart’s direct greenhouse gas emissions are caused by refrigeration leaks of climate super pollutant HFCs. I’m joining @GreenAmerica to call on @Walmart to end its use of HFCs in all facilities by 2030 and to immediately commit all new stores to be HFC-free. #coolitforclimate

Submit a Comment to Walmart

Send a message through Walmart’s website:

  • Step 1 – Go to  
  • Step 2 – Select “Company Feedback and Questions,” then hit “Next” 
  • Step 3 – Enter your concerns about Walmart’s lackluster timeline for its transition away from HFCs or copy and paste the below text:

    Hello, I am reaching out today with Green America to express my concern about Walmart’s hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant emissions. HFCs have up to thousands of times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide and improving refrigerant practices has been identified as a top global climate priority. However, Walmart continues to increase its annual HFC emissions. This greenhouse gas now makes up over 53% of the company’s direct climate-damaging emissions. Walmart’s existing goal to reach “low-impact” refrigerants by 2040 lacks adequate detail and is out of step with the intensifying realities of the climate crisis. I am urging Walmart to commit to using ultra-low GWP, natural refrigerant alternatives in all new stores and retrofits and commit to being HFC-free across operations by 2030. Thank you for your attention to this important issue. 
  • Step 4 – Enter your contact information and hit “Next” 
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