Five Cool (and Free) Tools for Financial Wellness

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Find Out Your Financial Health

Have a bit of time on your hands? Why not check your financial wellness with CNN Money’s financial health calculator? Enter your current debt, emergency savings, retirement savings, and other information for a big-picture look at how well you’re doing with your money. 

Pay Down Your Debt

Have debt? SavvyMoney can help you pay it off ASAP. This app gives you free, ongoing access to your credit score, and provides personalized advice on low-interest ways to pay down your debt and raise your score.  
(PC, Android)

Is Your Retirement on Track? 

Will you have enough to retire? Enter a few important pieces of info, like your age and how much you have saved already, into AARP’s calculator, and it’ll tell you how much you will have saved by retirement age and how much you need to step up. 

Add SRI to Workplace Retirement Accounts 

Do you wish you could choose SRI investments in your workplace retirement plan? Or are you an employer who’d like to offer them but doesn’t know where to start? Green America’s free Plan for a Better Future guide can help you add SRI options to your workplace retirement plan. 

Track Your Spending, Savings,& Investments

If you’ve ever thought being able to track your spending and your investments in one place would be a good idea, wait no longer. The Personal Capital app lets you know where you’re spending money, while helping you analyze the risk level of your portfolio, get advice on your 401(k), calculate what you need to save for retirement, and more. 
(PC, iOS, and Android)