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BlogNews ( ) COVID-19 is a crisis and call to humanity for a better way forward. We need to build a green economy to protect people and the planet.
BlogNews ( ) Flushable wipes shouldn't be flushed. Doing so is causing dangerous problems.
flushable wipes
BlogNews ( ) Research from around the world demonstrates time and again that companies that value women’s leadership, and societies where women have economic opportunity, do better, and gender lens investing supports this.
investing in women, gender lens investing
BlogNews ( ) Green America welcomes five new board members: Bama Athreya, Eleanor Greene, Julie Lineberger, Carolyn Parrs, and Brady Quirk-Garvan. 
Green America
BlogNews ( ) It’s officially been one year since Verizon issued a $1 billion green bond to help the company reach its goal of 50 percent clean energy by 2025.
BlogNews ( ) Pipeline Incidents from 2017-2020
BlogNews ( ) Vague corporate messaging on sustainable clothing can leave green shoppers wondering if its possible to find an ethical clothing company.
sustainable clothing
BlogNews ( ) If addressing climate change is truly a priority for Amazon, Bezos and executives will go beyond a donation.
BlogNews ( ) Black history is rich with connections to the natural environment, including Black leaders who have revolutionized the climate movement.
Black leaders
BlogNews ( ) Verizon continues to lag by powering its network using mostly fossil fuels.
BlogNews ( ) Amazon is bad for workers, our planet, and consumers. Here are ten ways Amazon violates human rights.
human rights
BlogNews ( ) Worker rights, privacy issues, and toxic chemicals might have you rethinking Amazon electronics like Amazon Ring and Alexa.
Amazon electronics
BlogNews ( ) This Thanksgiving, use food to talk to your family and friends about values like sustainable and ethical food.
non-GMO Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, vegan, vegetarian, fair trade, non-GMO, recipes
BlogNews ( ) Recycling is s basic action people do for the environment, but does it help combat the climate crisis?
BlogNews ( ) You may be wondering how you can make sure your children are not being exposed to harmful chemicals in clothes? Here are some tips!
sustainable children's clothing
BlogNews ( ) In 2017, we launched Hang Up on Fossil Fuels, a campaign urging major telecommunications companies to rapidly increase their use of renewables to power networks. Back then, the industry was using almost no clean energy and few companies had any…
clean energy, renewable energy, wind power, solar power, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
BlogNews ( ) The Ivory Coast and Ghana announced that they will raise the price of cocoa by $400 per ton, but more needs to be done to stop child labor.
child labor
BlogNews ( ) By Ayate Temsamani, Climate Fellow The Impact of Telecoms The US telecom industry uses vast amounts of energy, with the major four companies collectively using over 30 million megawatt hours (MWH) of electric power every year—enough energy to…
climate change, clean energy, green economy, green jobs, wind, solar, education, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile
BlogNews ( ) The Amazon forest fires are tragedy for Brazil, as people are experiencing severe health problems and are at risk of losing their homes.
Amazon forest fires
BlogNews ( ) Walmart neglects to set comprehensive plan to cut dangerous HFC emissions that escalate climate change.