Map of Certified Business Member Profiles

Neuberger Berman

Portfolio co-managers look for stocks of mid- to large cap companies that first meet their stringent financial criteria. Their social screens are applied to these stocks. Ideal investment candidates are companies that show leadership in the areas of the e

Community Capital Management

Community Capital Management, Inc. (CCM) is an independently owned investment adviser with a 21-year history of client customization and management of impact and ESG investment strategies.

Domini Impact Investments LLC

Investing for good. It's possible to make money and make a difference at the same time. Mutual funds that pursue three goals: universal human dignity, ecological sustainability, and profitable investments.


The Gabelli SRI Fund (SRIGX) is an All Cap Value, open-end mutual fund that adheres to stated social guidelines around areas such as fossil fuels, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, defense and abortion.

Green Century Capital Management

New Alternatives Fund, Inc.

Socially responsible mutual fund emphasizing alternative energy and the environment (established 1982). Investments include: wind, solar and geothermal energy, biofuels, run-of-river hydro, fuel cells, energy conservation, clean water, natural foods, and

Parnassus Investments

Parnassus Investments seeks to invest in good businesses that have increasingly relevant products or services, sustainable competitive advantages, quality management teams and ethical business practices. The firm currently manages four fundamental, U.S.,

RBC Wealth Management

Combining financial planning with portfolio management.

Pekin Hardy Strauss Wealth Management


Aspiration is a financial services firm that makes it easy to help you save while giving back to the community and the planet. With Aspiration’s fossil-fuel free Spend & Save account where deposits are not used for fossil fuel exploration or production, c

Saturna Capital

Saturna Capital, manager of the Amana, Saturna Sustainable, Sextant, and Idaho Tax-Exempt funds, draws upon years of investment experience to aid investors in navigating today’s complex market environment.