von Stade

We envision a world illuminated by people, purpose and products that make life happier, healthier and more beautiful in this dynamic dance called life. 

Flowtoys produces quality flow arts and juggling props to enable the positive effects they have on life and the world. 

Creators of the first rechargeable LED glowstick, innovators of the levitation wand dance, and producers of the world’s favorite glow poi, batons, juggling clubs, and LED martial arts props, flowtoys has been a pioneer in producing glow toys loved for play, practice, parties and performance since 2005.

Flowtoys produces quality, sustainable LED products that are designed to be durable, and have a lifetime warranty. All our creations are rechargeable and we do not support single use plastics or novelty glow products, and do not believe in planned obsolescence. To this end, we have a unique upgrade program, where users can return old flowtoys for credit towards new ones.


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