Verizon: Clean Up Wireless and Create Green Jobs

Verizon: Clean Up Wireless and Create Green Jobs
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Clean Up Wireless and Create Green Jobs 

We are urging Verizon to commit to 100% clean energy to reduce its climate impacts and create quality, green jobs. Join us by calling on Verizon via social media or phone!

The Problem

The Telecom industry uses enough energy each year to power all the households in New York City. These networks have largely been powered by fossil fuels, emitting 20 million tons of CO2 every year. Investing in clean energy would reduce impacts contributing to the climate crisis and would also create thousands of green jobs. 

The Solution

In the US, clean energy is already a huge job creator - and this will only grow as we shift to responsible energy sources. Solar energy has created over 350,000 new jobs and wind energy has created over 100,000.

AT&T's use of 830 MW of wind power will create 1,000 jobs and generate millions for local economies. Verizon currently uses 12.6 million MWh - if it committed to using 100% clean energy, there would be a big boost of green job creation.

Additionally, the renewable energy sector needs a range of skills and AT&T has announced its Wind Energy Scholarship fund. Investing in renewable energy leads to higher quality and better paid jobs. There are many ways for telecom companies to support clean energy and green jobs, and it starts with setting goals. But T-Mobile is currently the only telecom that has committed to reach 100% clean energy.

We're mobilizing people who are fed up with telecom's reliance on fossil fuels. Join us on social media or by phone!

Take Action

Send Verizon the message that we need clean energy and green jobs on Twitter and Facebook:

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Paste the below message in your Facebook status:

@Verizon, you need to commit to 100% clean energy by 2025! Renewable energy is crucial in decarbonizing the economy and creates thousands of quality, green jobs. As a customer, I want you to #CleanUpWireless with @GreenAmerica today: 

Or contact Verizon on Facebook Messenger.

Don't Do Social Media? Call the Customer Line

Verizon makes it tough to contact them unless you're a customer. If you are a customer, you can call and use the below script:

"Hello, My name is _______ and I'm a Verizon customer. I am very concerned about Verizon's contribution to the climate crisis. I and joining Green America in asking Verizon to commit to using 100% clean energy by 2025. This will reduce your company's impacts and create thousands of quality, green jobs in wind and solar energy. Thank you and have a great day." 

(You will need to have your account and login information handy for this option. To do this, call 800.922.0204 or dial *611 from your mobile phone.)