5 Reasons to Support Small Business this Season

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Before Black Friday, we encourage you not to shop to support the toxic consumerist culture of the day that is obsessed with deals. Those deals are paid for by the people who work low wages in factories or in box stores. But it’s unrealistic not to shop at all, and unnecessary. Not only do people use gifts around the holiday season to show their love for one another, but it can also be used to lift those up who need it—like small business owners.

Supporting the green economy is more than being informed—it’s about actually following through and “voting with your dollar” as we call it. Where you shop and what you buy when you do sends a direct message to business owners. And it helps them stay afloat in a competitive, deal-driven market. It’s easy to feel helpless this holiday season but some people use finding deals as a kind of retail therapy, spreading love and support to small and local businesses. At the end of the day, people make money and companies grow (or shrink) depending on the purchases you make.

Here are our tips for feeling good about not just the great thing you got, but the businesses you support this season.

  1. Every time you buy at a local business, you tell the world your community is worth more than a big-box store sale.
  2. Every time you buy organic, you tell the world you want more farmers to grow healthy, safe food.
  3. Every time you buy certified fair tradeyou fight poverty.
  4. Every time you buy from a business owned by women or people of coloryou help build an inclusive economy.
  5. Every time you don’t buy something, you tell the world you don’t need more stuff to have a happy holiday.

Shop Small, Green Businesses

Supporting small business this season (and for every special occasion) is a compassionate and fun way to invest in your community—and surprise your loved ones with more unique and impactful gifts.

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