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BlogNews (July 21, 2018) On Saturday, July 21st, environmental leaders from around the country converged on the National Mall to engage in the Zero Hour Youth Climate March—a global, youth-led movement urging those in power to enact science-based policies to confront…
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BlogNews (July 20, 2018) Want to start a Climate Victory Garden? The first step is to get to know your garden—or the area you plan to turn into a garden. Familiarize yourself with the physical characteristics of the space and get to better understand your expectations,…
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BlogNews (July 18, 2018) When talking about ‘voting with your dollar’, we often talk about purchasing habits with specific brands or products, encouraging consumers to opt for the more sustainable and fair option when shopping. Another key player in our shopping habits are…
BlogNews (July 17, 2018) Do you know of a great green business in homewares, furnishings, or building construction? Tell us about it! It could win one of two $5,000 prizes to support its green mission.
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BlogNews (July 17, 2018) Earlier this July, Seattle became the first major city in the United States to enact a total ban on plastic straws and utensils, governing 5,000+ food service facilities.
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BlogNews (July 17, 2018) Today, we’re hearing from Suzan Erem, Executive Director of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust. Suzan is a tireless advocate for keeping land in the hands of small farmers, supporting rural communities, and empowering the next generation of land…
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BlogNews (July 11, 2018) The Monsanto-Bayer merger represents a near-monopoly on the agriculture supply chain, which eliminates marketplace competition and forces farmers’ complete reliance on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
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BlogNews (July 10, 2018) The Court’s ruling will cause restaurants and food vendors to use more environmentally kind materials by 2019. It will also be unlawful to sell packing peanuts in New York City during the ban.

BlogNews (July 2, 2018) Last week, Verizon announced that it will be contributing to Hawaii's sustainability goal of switching to 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. In 2015, Hawaii mandated that all its electricity must come from renewable energy sources, making it the…
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BlogNews (June 27, 2018) In June, the Senate passed the Main Street Employee Ownership Act, a bipartisan-sponsored bill aimed to provide funding and technical assistance to support cooperative business models.
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BlogNews (June 27, 2018) From water bottles to clamshell containers to grocery bags, plastic pervades Americans’ everyday lives… and sea turtles’ stomachs. If we keep up unchecked production and poor d
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BlogNews (June 27, 2018) In June, the California Public Utility Commission approved construction for a massive network of electric vehicle charging stations, providing one of the largest sums of public funding allocated for utility EV charging in history.
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BlogNews (June 26, 2018) Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Environmentally-responsible sunscreen? Maybe you should look again.
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BlogNews (June 26, 2018) Have you been looking for a burst of creative inspiration recently? Look no further than the finalists for Green America’s most recent People & Planet award—green businesses that help you unleash your inner artist, writer, or performer. The…

BlogNews (June 26, 2018) At Green America, we are concerned with wealth inequality and the threat it poses to livelihoods and social justice. A new report from As You Sow shockingly demonstrates just how deep the wealth gap is.

BlogNews (June 25, 2018) For years you worked with us to fight for federal GMO labeling, but the fight isn’t over yet.  In 2016, Congress passed legislation requiring the disclosure of GMOs in our food. Now, the USDA is finally developing the rule that will establish the…
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BlogNews (June 21, 2018) From August 2017 to April 2018, investigators from China Labor Watch investigated Hengyan Foxconn, a factory that manufactures electronic products for Amazon, including Kindle, Echo Dot smart speakers, and Amazon tablets. The investigation…

BlogNews (June 21, 2018) The family-separation policy is nothing short of “torture.” You can use your economic power to send a message to the companies involved in immigrant detention centers.

BlogNews (June 21, 2018) Are you excited about joining the Climate Victory Garden movement but not quite sure how to do it? If you have a lawn, then this comic is for you. There are so many benefits to ditching the lawn and planting a Climate Victory Garden—not only are you…
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BlogNews (June 18, 2018) AT&T has signed a new deal with a NextEra Energy Resources subsidiary for 300 megawatts (MW) of wind energy from two new Texas wind farms.
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