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Blog/News (February 6, 2018) Green America’s “People & Planet Award” recognized three small businesses for their dedication to creating a green economy.

Blog/News (February 6, 2018) Divine Chocolate has changed its design for the first time in 5 years to show off its commitment to cocoa farmers and fair trade labor.

Blog/News (February 5, 2018) Cocoa farmers, who lead difficult lives when the market is strong and conditions are good, are facing a challenging harvest season. Cocoa prices are low, and there is an estimated 400,000 tons of excess cocoa sitting in western Africa. The Ivorian…

Blog/News (January 30, 2018) T-Mobile has set a new bar for the telecommunications industry by announcing its goal of achieving 100% renewable energy for powering its networks by 2021! In 2017, Green America launched our Hang Up on Fossil Fuels campaign to improve the dismal…
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Blog/News (January 10, 2018) Join Green America LIVE during the month of Feburary
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Blog/News (January 8, 2018) Industrial agriculture and impacts from our food system reach far beyond the fence line causing species extinction all the way from tiny soil microbes to large mammals.

Blog/News (January 2, 2018) By joining the regenerative agriculture movement this year, you can improve your health in tandem with the earth! Here are some specific, attainable regenerative agriculture-focused goals for the new year. Choose one and take the first step to a healthier

Blog/News (December 27, 2017) We accomplished so much in 2017, 100% without Washington.
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Blog/News (December 18, 2017) Holiday shopping generates enormous amounts of paper waste, but there's a simple solution.
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Blog/News (December 17, 2017) Eric Henry of T.S. Designs comments on the tax cuts in North Carolina as a case for the federal tax cuts in an article published by the Washington Post.

Blog/News (December 11, 2017) Hoodies for the Homeless is a fundraising partnership by Offbeat Press and Day by Day Warming Shelter to support homeless adults in the Oshkosh community.

Blog/News (December 10, 2017) Patagonia, REI, North Face and other outdoor retailers are fighting Trump's decision to reduce Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments.

Blog/News (December 7, 2017) Today, Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of Interior, announced that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will institute a two-year delay of the implementation of its 2016 methane rule to regulate emissions on public and tribal lands. The delay is just the…
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Blog/News (December 7, 2017) Climate change is not a purely environmental issue, and neither is the fight for a sustainable food system. Diversity and environmental justice play a major role in navigating the future of these intertwined issues.   Climate change is having…
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Blog/News (December 6, 2017) On Monday, the President made an unsettling move and reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah – Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. Combined Trump reduced the area of these parks by 2 million acres, decreasing the size of Bears Ears…

Blog/News (December 5, 2017) View a larger version of the infographic here.        This is an exciting time in the worlds of sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation, when these two fields have the opportunity to collaborate and reinforce one another. This…

Blog/News (December 4, 2017) Local and organic foods have some climate benefits, but choose local, organic, AND regenerative for the greatest impact! Our food choices are important. They affect our personal health, the wellbeing of farmers and rural communities, and the state…
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Blog/News (December 3, 2017) Christmas trees in the United States are a big deal. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, 25-30 million are sold every year. Many environmentalists cringe at this thought, but there are lots of options for making this once-a-year…
Blog/News (November 30, 2017) Call the Senate to oppose the tax bill
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Blog/News (November 28, 2017) After decades of destructive industrial agriculture, we need to revolutionize farming. Regenerative organic agriculture* uses practices that grow healthy crops, restore rich agricultural soils, and reverse climate change by absorbing and storing…