Zen Coffee Company

Zen Coffee Company is a Woman Owned Business in Omaha, NE. We strive to bring the community together by sharing the love of high quality coffee beans and delicious espresso beverages, in a warm and welcoming environment. We at Zen enjoy creating a unique place that customers can experience, while also providing many drink options so that everyone is included!  


All of us having worked in the corporate environment at one point in our career beginnings, choose to kick the trend and used our passion and personality to create Zen, where we aspire to rise above and continuously learn and grow within our team and coffee community.  We will continue to educate ourselves and support our staff and customers, as they continue to grow on their own paths. 


We strive to maintain a zero waste environment and follow green business practices while offering the highest quality products within every aspect of our store. 


One way to think of zen is this: a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind.  Zen is a way of being.  It is also a state of mind.  Zen is often used to describe someone/something that has reached an UBER state of coolness and inner peace.  This is the experience we want to leave you with after each visit and after each delectable sip of our coffees and teas.  


Zen features coffee from our partner, Dapper & Wise Roasters in Beaverton, OR.   Do not be thrown off by the location, these Fair Trade beans are truly the best in the Midwest and we are thrilled to bring them directly to you! Just try it for yourself! Our roasters take great care in selecting quality sourced beans and farmers while roasting them to perfection so that each cup is more exquisite than the last! 


Come and Experience Zen....


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