Our pet toys reflect the shapes and textures found in nature  We use natural and organic materials...no plastics, synthetics, or harsh dyes. Cats and dogs love these simple natural qualities.  Our toys are interesting, well made, durable.... and most importantly... fun!

We believe there is no Planet B. Our pets are impacted by pollution and climate change just as much as us, maybe more. At the very least, they depend on us to take care and to take responsibility.  Because of this, sustainability is an important part of our business model.  We strive to be a nearly zero waste and are a scent free/ chemical free workshop.  We ship with minimal use of plastic. Our fabrics and cotton stuffing is GOTS certified and our wool is pasture raised from small regional family farms.  

We share 5% of each sale with rescues and off set our carbon use with contributions to regional environmental and land use organizations.