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It may go by many names—including Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investing (SRI) or Environmental, Social and Governance investing (ESG)—but the goals are clear and consistent: invest your assets in ways that reflect your values.

Today SRI is a complex landscape of opportunities to support companies that demonstrate good corporate governance and are engaging in practices that promote environmental or social justice goals. At Birchwood we seek investment managers we feel have expertise in identifying businesses that are not only operating in a responsible manner, but are also attractive investment opportunities. We also seek investment managers that in our opinion are actively promoting sustainable business practices within the industry and among the corporations in which they invest on your behalf.

The advisors at Birchwood can work with you to determine what parts of your portfolio are more effective as SRI investments. While SRI has been available for over thirty years, there remain limitations on effectively implementing the strategy across asset classes. As with all of our clients, effectively communicating the strategy behind your investment portfolio is imperative to your success and our ability to build a long-lasting relationship with you. While not appropriate for everyone, we do believe it is possible to combine your values with a successful long-term investment strategy through SRI.


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