Green America’s Directory of Sustainable Gifts, Holidays, and Special Occasions

Person celebrating with multi-colored confetti. Topic: Green America’s Guide to Sustainable Gifts, Holidays, and Special Occasions.

Do you want to lessen your environmental impact during the holidays and other special occasions? We’ve compiled a directory—by occasion—to get you started on greening holidays, including giving sustainable gifts and tips on getting your family involved. We’ve included resources from Green America’s archive, as well as from our partners and organizations we admire. 

Since chocolate is a big part of so many holidays, from candies, to desserts, to beverages, make sure to choose chocolates that are fair and direct trade that are best for people and the planet. Check out Green America’s handy scorecard to help guide your chocolate purchases. 

Finally, remember to avoid corporate holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Tuesday, and Amazon Prime Day. These are designed to make you buy things you don't really need, as are post-holiday sales. And when you do have to shop, check out the Green Business Network to find green products and services!





Gift Giving


Jewish Holidays



Thanksgiving and General Holiday Season

Valentine's Day


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