Amazon commits to 100% renewable energy by 2025

Image: Amazon logo. Title: Amazon commits to 100% renewable energy by 2025

Amazon announced a commitment to power 100% of its infrastructure with renewable energy by 2025, which is 5 years earlier than the company's initial target of 2030. Amazon's corporate offices, fulfillment centers, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers will all be powered by renewable energy.

This announcement would not have been possible without pressure from tens of thousands of consumers who joined Green America and our allies in calling on Amazon to ramp up renewable energy, as well as pressure from hundreds of Amazon's own employees, some of whom were retaliated against by the company.

While this is important progress for Amazon, there are still concerns about where the renewable energy will be coming from and whether the sourcing of renewable energy will benefit workers and communities worldwide.  It is also unclear if Amazon will be using renewable energy credits for a portion of the energy as opposed to ensuring all of this renewable energy will come from new solar and wind installations sited close to where the power is being used.

Green America is also continuing to push Amazon to treat workers in its fulfillment centers as well as supply chain workers who make Amazon products better, and to ensure their safety