AT&T Reaches 1.5 Gigawatts of Clean Energy

Image: AT&T logo. Title: AT&T Reaches 1.5 Gigawatts of Clean Energy

AT&T announced new contracts for solar and wind energy that will bring its total clean energy purchases to over 1.5 Gigawatts.  Last year the company announced 820 MW of clean energy, so the new announcement nearly doubles AT&T's commitments.

AT&T estimates that with these new clean energy purchases are the equivalent of providing electricity for more than 560,000 homes or taking 690,000 cars off the road for 1 year.

The new purchases mean that AT&T will be using over 50% renewables to meet its energy needs, and makes AT&T once of the largest corporate purchasers of clean energy in the US.

When Green America started its Hang Up on Fossil Fuels campaign in 2017, AT&T was using less than 2% clean energy.  Thanks to everyone who took action with us -- AT&T heard you.

Now, we need AT&T to go to 100% renewables by 2025.