Amazon Adds Two New Clean Energy Projects

Image: solar panels and wind turbines with text: Thanks to you taking action , Amazon moves toward clean energy

August 1, 2019

Amazon is funding a 23.2MW wind farm in Cork, Ireland, and a 45MW solar farm in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA.

The two sites, with an expected annual generation of 68,000 megawatt hours (MWh) and 100,000 MWh respectively, will be used to serve Amazon Web Services data centers when the farms come online next year - via Power Purchase Agreements.

The two sites are the company’s 65th and 66th renewable energy projects, including 51 solar rooftops. Together, by 2020, the 66 sites have the capacity to generate 1,342MW of power, and deliver more than 3.9 million MWh of energy annually. Amazon made a commitment to power 100 percent of its global operations with renewable energy all the way back in 2014, but didn't set a time frame. Also, as of 2018, it is only getting about 50% of its energy from renewable sources while Google and Apple are using 100% renewable energy.

Thanks to Green Americans taking action with us, we have been able to continue to push Amazon to keep adding more clean energy.