ECO City Farms

ECO City Farms
Riverdale, MD


Our philosophy is that a healthy, living soil produces healthy plants that are resilient to pest and disease.  We use the principles of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture, but we aren’t really about the labels, just growing the healthiest food possible without sacrificing our environment”.        

ECO City Farms is a nonprofit farm located in Prince Georges County Maryland, that is devoted to educating the youths and adults in the community about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits. In addition, ECO City seeks to enhance food security, safety and access amplifying community engagement to reinvigorate the Chesapeake foodshed with sustainable ways of making food and money while preserving ecological diversity.

Edmonston farm, is considered the heart of the ECO City Farms where they have on-site bee keeping and use various farming practices for growing organic produce. ECO City Farms focus on organic farming without the use of any chemical such as pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides as they hold the status as a Certified Naturally Grown farm.

There are four on-site hoop houses that allows ECO City Farms to produce mass amounts of vegetables year-round. Hoop houses are low-cost renewable energy system similar to greenhouses but is covered by greenhouse plastic. In addition, composting and vermiculture practice incorporated into ECO City Farm’s foundation for farming. Composting and vermiculture converts organic substance from waste to produce a more fertilized soil. Edmonston farms also have a Microgreens project funded by Maryland Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant. ECO City Farms produce and sell buckwheat shoots, pea shoots, radish and cress microgreens at Riverdale Park farmers market. Edmonston farm also offers their own guidelines and practices for their customers to grow microgreens themselves. Another feature about the Edmonston farm is that they have developed an on-farm kitchen. The foodshed was built in a shipping container where cooking classes are taught and produce is stored.

Bladensburg Farm shares their 3.5 acres of land with three low-income multifamily apartment buildings.  ECO City Farms provides healthy produce for the residents at the apartment complex and the community.

ECO City Farms provides extensive outreach programs to educate youths and adults within the community.

Programs include:

What makes ECO City Farms so special is that they open their farm to the community for volunteer work. ECO City encourages their community to be involved in creating a sustainable environment and healthy lifestyle habits.

The future of farming is key to an environmentally sound future. You can help through volunteering and supporting the work of ECO City Farms and Green America, like the Soil Carbon Initiative's new 2022 Go-to-Market Pilots.