Bio-Beetle ECO Rental Cars

pamshaun of Bio-Beetle
Kahului, HI

Bio-Beetle was the very first to rent out 100-percent biodiesel cars and offer the most eco-friendly cars into the rental world. Ethical living and sustainability is our driving force. Shaun Stenshol and Pamela Miedtke-Wolf started Bio-Beetle in 2003, with the idea of showing people that green options are available, today. If someone needs to drive, they can reduce their fossil fuel use and help make a difference.

"We live by our beliefs and we will only do business in the same way," says Pamela. "We rent the most eco-friendly cars available in Maui -- biodiesel, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and 100-percent electric. But more than just green cars, we strive to make everything about the company green while doing as much for our renters, as for the planet."

Bio-Beetle began with one biodiesel car, fueled with sustainable biodiesel made on Maui from recycled cooking oil. After adding several more biodiesel cars over the years (Beetles, Golfs, Jettas, a Jeep Liberty), Bio-Beetle added the most fuel-efficient hybrid they could get, a Toyota Prius, and most recently the gas/electric Chevy Volt, and 100-percent electric Nissan Leaf.

Renting a car from Bio-Beetle is not all that different from renting from the other guys, the prices are comparable, and in most cases renters will get picked up curbside at the airport, or cars can be delivered elsewhere on the island of Maui. But you also deal with a real person, meaning better customer service and a more personable atmosphere. 
In the cars, Bio-Beetle uses Earth-friendly coolants, synthetic engine oil, and nontoxic cleaners, which are okay for individuals with chemical sensitivity.

Bio-Beetle also lends out, for free, coolers, boogie boards, beach accessories, reusable shopping bags, local hiking books, etc., to help reduce needless consumerism, particularly of throwaway items that hurt the planet, making our renters' trips more economical and eco-friendly.

Bio-Beetle is a big believer in the concept of "reduce/reuse/recycle/repurpose," always using 100-percent recycled or tree-free paper in the office, organic cotton or resale clothes, and recycled items when available. Bio-Beetle logo shirts were made in the USA with organic cotton grown in the USA. Plus we encourage renters to bring in the recyclables they accumulate during their Maui stay and choose other eco-travel options when available.

Shaun and Pam truly believe in zero waste. Besides renting cars, they also own and operate a recycling company, they live off-grid, with solar energy, and a rainwater catchment. They're vegan, and grow a lot of their own food. Plus they created a cat sanctuary for around 100 homeless cats that had nowhere else to go.

" We believe it is important to know where your money goes," says Pam. "Just because you might be able to rent a hybrid now, from another rental company, for example, what does your money support? It matters! We’re trying to give people who come to Maui the greenest options available. Thank you Green America, for choosing us as a finalist, in the People & Planet awards, and for the opportunity to share what we are doing. If Bio-Beetle is awarded the $5,000, we will use it to help add another car to the fleet, plus help pay for cat food!"