Stock Gifts

Stock gifts are a wonderful way to support Green America’s work.  In addition to providing essential funds for our programs, donating stock may provide you with some tax advantages.  It is also an opportunity for you to simplify your investments or divest of a company you don’t feel good about owning. 

Making a stock gift is quite simple.  Below are the details your broker will need in order to make the stock transfer. 

DTC Number - 0164 

Receiving Institution - Charles Schwab 

Receiving Account Name - Green America 

Receiving Account Number - 1147-1727 

When you intend to make a stock gift, please contact Christy Schwengel, Director of Major Gifts, at 202-872-5314 or with your name, the name of the stock, and the number of shares being transferred (or the approximate dollar amount of the transfer).  Since stock transfers do not include donors’ names, it is very important that you contact Green America’s team to let us know you intend to make a stock gift.  We will then watch for the transfer, provide you with a tax receipt, and acknowledge your generosity.