Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions To Host Event on Investing in Agricultural Climate Solutions

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Global Climate Action Summit Affiliate Event “Carbon Sequestration in Soil: Scaling Investment” Explores How Investment Can Drive Climate Solutions in Agriculture.

SAN FRANCISCO – NEWS ADVISORY –  Carbon Sequestration in Soil: Scaling Investment, a full-day event for investors and project developers, produced by Green America's Center for Sustainability Solutions, will explore how to shift capital at scale to build agricultural market solutions to the global climate crisis.  This invitation-only event is now full.


The event brings together investors, innovative companies and project developers working to promote soil health and carbon sequestration. Investment in climate-friendly agriculture is still in its early stages, so the goal of the event is to identify viable pathways to expand and scale investment to help rapidly utilize agriculture globally as a key part of the climate solution.


The event falls the day before the start of the Global Climate Action Summit, Sept. 12 -14 2018. The Summit celebrates climate action achievements, and it also will be a launch pad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries around the globe—supported by all sectors of society.


Atish Babu, vice president of Agricultural Capital, said, “Agriculture Capital actively seeks to help create new realities in farming in the United States in response to climate change. But those new realities require new conversations. We are excited to participate in this event during GCAS. It will allow us to engage openly in vital conversations about the opportunities to do well and to do good.”

Lew Douglas, president & CEO Urth Organic, said, “Urth Agriculture, an environmental company operating as a for-profit corporation, is at the forefront of modifying agricultural practices to address climate change. We are excited to work with Green America to introduce both our investment opportunity and climate change solutions to the investor community.”


Project developers 

  • Main Street Project: Julie Ristau, Chief Operating Officer, Main Street Project
  • Palouse Soil Carbon Project: Jeff Bernicke, President & CEO, NativeEnergy
  • Sea Feed, with Seaweed: Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director, Climate Foundation
  • URTH Lew Douglas, President & CEO, Urth Agriculture 
  • Soil Sensor Project - Real-Time, Affordable, Accurate and Global, Henry Rowlands, Director, Henstar PLC; Shalini Prasad, Professor, Bioengineering, University of Texas, Dallas 



  • Atish Babu, Vice President, Agriculture Capital – Sponsor/RAIN Design Team
  • Alex Mackay, Director, Business Development and Investor Relations, Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT
  • Chris Larson, CEO, New Island Capital
  • Catha Groot, Director, Radicle Impact



  • Establishing a National Ecosystems Services Market, Sean Penrith, CEO, Gordian Knot Strategies
  • Carbon Farming Program, Phil Taylor, Founder, Mad Agriculture
  • Lessons from Solar for Carbon Farming, Ethan Steinberg, Propagate Ventures
  • The Carbon Farming Innovation Network (CFIN), Charis Smith, Manager CFIN, Green America
  • The Soil Value Exchange, Henk Mooiweer, Executive Director
  • Rabobank and UNEP Fund for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture: Michael Rinaldi, Sustainable Business Development Manager, Rabobank
  • FoodShot Global: Victor Friedberg, Founder and Chairman, FoodShot Global
  • My-Cultiver Richmond Food Production Center: Kevin Warner, Director, b.modrn Sustainability Ventures





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