Dr. Lakeisha Thorpe named new Executive Co-Director of Green America

Dr. Lakeisha Thorpe named new Executive Co-Director of Green America
Dr. Thorpe Succeeds 23-Year Director Fran Teplitz In Critical Role, Bringing Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Leadership Expertise To The Major Non-Profit.

WASHINGTON, DC — JUNE 21, 2023 — Green America is proud to announce Dr. LaKeisha “Keisha” Thorpe as its new executive co-director for culture, planning & green business development. Dr. Thorpe brings a wealth of experience that promises to help take Green America’s operations and green economy programs to the next level.  

Dr. Thorpe’s doctoral dissertation focused on food and culture, she’s served on the board and executive board of the Bethlehem Food Co-op in Pennsylvania, and she’s always made justice and equity a major focus in her work. She has served in JEDI leadership roles at four colleges and universities, most recently, Moravian University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, creating better campus experiences for students, faculty, and staff. 

Dr. Thorpe also brings some 16 years of experience in human resources, fundraising, and public education to Green America. 

“Keisha’s brilliant strategic thinking, heart-centered organizing and deep experience in justice, equity and inclusion will create continuity from Green America’s current work and a bridge to our future,” said Alisa Gravitz, president and CEO of Green America. 

“The gratitude and excitement I feel at joining Green America are immeasurable. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work in tandem with folks who consider JEDI work not only a necessity, but a norm,” said Dr. Thorpe. “I cherish the work surrounding sustainability and social justice. I am looking forward to continuing the work I believe in so deeply within the mission of Green America."  

“We are really excited to welcome and work with Keisha at the Board level. She brings an exciting and fresh perspective to our organization. Dr. Thorpe’s professionalism, experience, energy, and leadership skills are exactly what Green America needs to help us continue to grow and make the planet a better place for all,” said Deepak Panjwani, co-chair of the Green America Board of Directors. 

Dr. Thorpe will take the reins from Fran Teplitz, Green America’s executive co-director of business, investing & policy, after 23 years of remarkable service to Green America. During her time at Green America, Teplitz shaped the organizational culture, including its focus on JEDI across programs; advanced socially responsible investing and better banking practices for individuals and organizations; steered the Green Business Network; and led organization-wide collaboration on planning, development, and budgeting. She earned the respect and admiration of everyone she worked with—from the staff team, board, individual and business members to the organization’s green economy allies. Teplitz now moves into what she calls her “rewirement.” 

It has been my honor and joy to work with Green America’s staff, board, individual members, the members of our Green Business Network, and allies, to propel the green economy forward,” said Teplitz. “I am grateful to have shared this journey with all of you and will forever remain a Green American! I’m thrilled to pass the baton to Keisha as we expand our next generation of leadership.”  

“Fran Teplitz has been instrumental throughout the past 23 years in furthering Green America's stature in the green business community throughout our country. Her collaborations with other organizations have netted win-win situations for all involved, most importantly strategies for helping businesses do both well and good. Her recent leadership focus in JEDI throughout Green America established a strong foundation for this most important work to continue. We will miss her greatly, however we will feel her presence through her accomplishments and organizational planning for years,” said Julie Lineberger, co-chair of the Green America Board of Directors. 


Green America is the nation’s leading green economy organization. Founded in 1982, Green America provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to solve today’s social and environmental problems. http://www.GreenAmerica.org 

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