Re(store) It campaign promotes 'regenerative agriculture' practices that bolster soil health and fight climate change

This article originally appeared in High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal, on December 19, 2017

Green America recently launched the Re(store) It campaign to educate the public and U.S. corporations about the benefits of regenerative agriculture, an approach to farming which uses methods that rejuvenate the soil and trap greenhouse gases. The campaign will educate consumers about the importance of regenerative agriculture and offer ways to support it.

“We are in a farming crisis and we can no longer continue with our current industrialized, chemical-intensive system of agriculture,” said Anna Meyer, the food campaigns director at Green America. “If we want to sustain farming for future generations and reverse climate change, we must save the soil by adopting regenerative practices.”

“We have already seen the power of consumer voice to push for more organic and non-GMO products,” said Jes Walton, food campaigns specialist at Green America. “Now it is time for consumers to demand a major shift in our food system and push for the mass adoption of regenerative agriculture, which has the potential for even more widespread benefits.”

Regenerative agriculture harnesses the relationships between plants and soil microbes to pull excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it in plants and soils where it is a useful nutrient for farmers. These farming methods of storing carbon and re(storing) agricultural soils include the following:

Crop rotation and cover cropping;


Zero to low tillage and mulching; and

Planting perennials and diverse crops.

The Re(store) It campaign will release a series of blogs on topics ranging from carbon farming to Christmas Trees, all available at The campaign will help individuals to promote regenerative agriculture in their communities, support farmers who are leaders in restoring soil health and encourage food companies to support regenerative agriculture through their supply chains.

The Re(store) It campaign builds on Green America’s prior food work, including its GMO Inside campaign, which over the past four years has successfully persuaded a dozen companies—including General Mills, Mars, Pepsi/Sabra —to remove GMOs from their products and move away from toxins in agriculture.