Peaceful Pets Aquamation, Inc.


We saw the need for an aftercare company that transparently gave respectful and personal care to our pets. When we came down to it, we wanted to be a company run by pet lovers for pet lovers. We also felt that, in today's world, being environmentally responsible is an important part of honoring our pets and protecting our planet. So, we designed Peaceful Pets from the ground up, to take care of your pets in the exact same way we want our own pets to be treated. And, we decided to use the technology called aquamation. Aquamation is water-based and 100% green, providing huge benefits over fire-based cremation. It replicates and accelerates the natural process of decomposition, making it the most natural aftercare available. Peaceful Pets Aquamation has become a world leader in setting a new standard for the care of your pets.

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