Martindale's Natural Market

Did you know that Martindale's Natural Market has the distinction of being the 1st natural market in the United States! We're the #1 health food store in the country founded in 1869. And that's no type-O!

Visit our full-service natural market! Shop local for fresh organic produce, grass-fed beef, eggs, and dairy. Find unique gluten free, vegan, paleo, raw, and allergen free foods in every aisle and in the refrigerated and frozen sections. Our priorities include organic, fair trade, and non-GMO options. We sell locally crafted products when possible.

Get the best selection and full guidance and customer service on vitamins, herbal remedies, protein, greens powder, superfoods, homeopathy, and other natural supplements. Choose pure chemical-free cosmetics, body care, hair care, and other medicinal topicals. Click on our website to read more.

We're an INFRA store, members of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association.