Finger Puppets Inc.


A Toy Unlike Any Other... Childhood play is about learning and discovery, we believe batteries are not always required for children to put their imaginations to work! Child development experts worry that electronic toys and gadgets might substitute for the more important interaction between children and caring adults. Parents can be reassured that if they play with, sing with, talk to, read to, and enjoy interacting with their children, one-on-one, the rest is going to happen. ThumbThings Handmade finger puppets bring out the kid in everyone! There are over 200 adorable characters to play with, collect, love, trade, and share! ThumbThings Finger puppets excite the imagination, and inspire creativity in kids... They will will put down their electronic gadgets and spend hours interacting and playing pretend games with each other, all while learning valuable social skills! All of our finger puppets are handmade with lots of love, and sourced ethically.