Fiberactive Organics, LLC


Fiberactive Organics offers three brands of GOTS certified, organic cotton sewing thread, Sewpure, Scanfil and Fiberactive Natural. All three are used manufacturers of garments and home textile products and are available through our retailers for home sewing. We have the right organic thread for everything you sew and offer consultation to be sure you get the thread you need for your prototypes and production. We are a triple-bottom-line company believing that organics improve the environment as well as the lives of the people who grow and work with them. For wholesale accounts, email or call 919-612-3765 .


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All of Fiberactive Organics' products are 100% organic cotton and are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our thread is put up on recyclable or biodegradable materials and wrapped in biodegradable plastic bags. We use repurposed and recycled materials for shipping and all office waste materials are either recycled or composted. Our Apex Head Quarters features an on site well, community vegetable garden, compost pile and flock of chickens.

Scanfil organic cotton thread is Tex 35 for multi-purpose sewing.  Comes in 34 colors on 300 yard spools or 5000 meter cones.
Fiberactive Natural orgnic cotton thread is Tex 30 for lighter fabrics or knits, no coatings or colors.  500 yrd, 3000 yrd and 12000 yrd cones.
Sewpure organic cotton thread is for industrial sewing, Tex 40 is multi-purpose, Tex 70 is heavy-duty, custom colors are available.
Braided tape is organic cotton, less than 1/4" wide.  Made of 16 strands of Fiberactive Natural thread, put up on 450 yard spools.