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Gloria Ware, CEO of Get the Bag, appeared on Channel 19 News in Cleveland, OH on August 8, 2022, on the talk show CRIBBS in the CLE, Josh & Maria (Cribbs) Live. Get the Bag, a Green Business Network {GBN} member, achieved GBN certification this year for its fulfillment of our social justice and environmental sustainability standards. Get the Bag is dedicated to advancing Black businesses and Black women’s entrepreneurship by providing education resources, funding opportunities, and community to Black women business leaders nationally.

Fran Teplitz, GBN Director, spoke with Gloria about the show and business goals. Read on and then watch the show!

Fran: Congratulations on your recent media coverage! How did this opportunity for a live TV appearance come about?

Gloria: I received a DM on Instagram from Maria that I was highly recommended by the Cribbs In The Cle community of supporters as a business owner to feature on the show.

Fran: That’s so exciting. What points were you most pleased to be able to share about Get the Bag and Black women business owners?

Gloria: I was excited to introduce to Josh, Maria and their audience, a wonderful selection of unique, eco-friendly and luxurious products from Black-owned and Black-women owned brands. Many of the businesses featured also have social impact goals. Some of the favorite products featured in the boxes were Moonshot climate-friendly crackers, Spoken Flame Candles with AR technology, beauty brands Dornee LLC and Raw Beauty Co. facial cleanser. Maria was very excited about the Black History Flashcards from Urban Intellectual.

Sample Get the Bag subscriber boxes; including the Green American magazine as a green economy resource.
Sample Get the Bag subscriber boxes; including the Green American magazine as a green economy resource.

Fran: You mention Black Business Month; what are your own goals for this designated month next year? 

Gloria: We keep our community informed of business grant opportunities on our website and in our newsletters, but in August 2023 I would love to partner with another organization to offer direct business grants to Black women business owners. These grants would be used to support their green business initiatives. I would also like to present awards to top Get The Bag partners who work with us on grant partnerships and business gifting programs.

Fran: One of my favorite exchanges in the video is this one between you and Josh – thank you for explaining what being a green business means to you: 

Josh Cribbs: “You are green business certified. What does that mean?”

Gloria: “Everything that I do I try to take an eco-friendly approach…..(and) most of my vendors are Black women entrepreneurs.”

Watch the video of Glora Ware, CEO of Get the Bag, on Cribbs in the CLE, and spread the word about how Get the Bag strengthens Black women’s entrepreneurship!

Where you shop and what you buy sends a direct message, as Gloria impresses on supporting Black businesses. Use Green America's Vote with Your Dollar toolkit to become a more sustainable shopper.

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