Avoiding GMO Foods? Chobani Yogurt's Uses GMO Milk

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August 23, 2013
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GMO Inside, a coalition against the use of genetically modified ingredients, is putting pressure on Chobani, Inc. to stop using GMO milk in their yogurt and other products.

The seven member coalition includes GMO Free USA, Label GMOs, Green America, Nutiva, Food Babe, Food Democracy Now! and Institute for Responsible Technology.

GMO Inside has started their national campaign against Chobani, Inc. because most of their milk comes from industrial New York dairy farms. According to campaign director Elizabeth O’Connell, “cows living on industrial farms eat GMO feed.”

Chobani is the leading brand of Greek yogurt in the United States, and many people see Greek yogurt as a healthy snack food or addition to their meals. The health properties of GMO ingredients, however, are shady at best.

Chobani yogurt labels indicate that only natural ingredients are used, and that the milk comes from cows that were not treated with rBST growth hormone. The GMO Inside coalition, however, wants more. They are asking Chobani to stop marketing their products as “natural” and “real” when they they are in fact a part of the GMO Food Family.

O’Connell says, “Chobani has an opportunity to be a leader amongst meat and dairy companies by listening to its customers and ensuring its cows are given non-GMO food.”

Lindsey Kos, Chobani communications manager, has responded, “our team is dedicated to addressing GMOs and is currently navigating its complexities, specific to dairy. As it stands now, we do not claim to be GMO-free… according to some, doing so would require us to ensure the feed to more than 78,000 cows across more than 875 farms is 100 percent GMO-free. It requires teamwork among our employees, farmers and industry partners.”

GMO Inside is inviting all concerned consumers to sign a petition requesting that Chobani use milk from non-GMO-fed cows.

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