Fair Trade Gifts

Fair Trade Gifts | Unique Batik

Includes all non-food items that use the language of fair trade except for apparel.

There are separate standards for Fair Trade Foods and Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Food, and Apparel and Textiles

Restored & Protected Environment

  • Use of a green office, including energy and water saving devices and active reuse and recycling
  • Maximum use of local materials
  • Minimum use of non- postconsumer metals or plastic

Social & Economic Justice

  • Values statement on website, including information on where product were made and by whom
  • If certified by a fair trade organization, their logo and an explanation of fair trade on website
  • If not certified by a fair trade organization, a discussion of each of the fair trade values found on the Fair Trade Federation’s website and how the company exemplifies each one, on the website. Note that Green America recognizes most fair trade certifications and shares their values, but the Fair Trade Federation’s principles work particularly well for gifts