Gallant International

Three people (one male, two female) sitting next to some bushes with colorful Terra Thread bags
Mission Viejo, CA

Contact Gallant International: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   

Contact Terra Thread: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

Gallant International creates carbon-neutral, Fair Trade Certified™, and 100-percent organic cotton private label products. They sell items such as T-shirts, tote bags, masks, and more to companies and nonprofits.  

Vikrant Giri started Gallant International in 2009 in an effort to help both his family financially and artisans back home in India and Nepal. However, the business changed as Giri realized he wanted to expand the purpose of his brand.  

Two issues in particular inspired Giri’s interest in working on sustainability: his green footprint and labor issues. He worried about the way that fast fashion and big brands take advantage of laborers, and he “want[ed] to make an impact on those people with no voice,” Giri explains.  

Because of his family background, Giri recognizes the importance of labor issues and ethical supply chains. His father and brothers lived in India, a country in which many factory workers suffer from the demands of the global fast-fashion industry. Gallant International makes sure that farmers and workers are paid fair wages, and their health and safety are protected.   

Despite challenges associated with sustainable supply chains, such as the slightly higher price for the goods, Giri is optimistic about the future of sustainable products. “I think it is changing,” Giri notes. “People want to work with the business that has a traceable, transparent, ethical, and sustainable supply chain.” 

“I think it may take some time, but I believe that it will be mainstream in a few years.”  

In 2020, Gallant International celebrated a milestone: becoming carbon neutral. Now, they support projects such as afforestation, reforestation, and renewable energy projects in order to offset any emissions caused by their products. They also support Feeding America to end hunger in the US and have contributed over half a million meals.   

Furthermore, Giri has expanded from only selling wholesale products. His new brand, Terra Thread offers individual items at an affordable price, including sustainable backpacks for school, tote bags, laptop sleeves, and face masks. All of Terra Thread’s products made with 100% Fairtrade organic cotton canvas and low impact, GOTS certified dyes. 

The passion Giri has for sustainable supply chains is evident in all aspects of his businesses. “We are helping farmers in India, we are helping workers, and here in America we are contributing to Feeding America to end hunger in the US.”  

Giri is working for a better world in which businesses source clothing sustainably and care for factory workers across the globe.  


Gallant International is a Green Business Network member. Find more information about their products on their website.