Faerie's Dance

clothes hanging on a rack, like the ones sold by Faerie’s Dance
Happy Valley, Oregon

The name of Adrienne Catone’s microbusiness – Faerie’s Dance – is inspired by the carefree yet mischievous nature of its namesake, faeries. Following the traditional spelling of the Celtic tales, these woodland creatures live in the heart of a forest and honor the earth they live on. A faerie’s dance is elegant and frivolous, much like its character. Adrienne has built her business to reflect these values. Faerie’s Dance aims to honor the Earth with joy and delight through clothing that leaves a negligible footprint on the planet.

Adrienne fully realized the urgency for sustainability when she encountered a troop of critically endangered silverback gorillas during a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Adrienne realized that detrimental human activity like habitat disruption could be prevented. Upon return, she began to turn to alternative practices and purchases to lower her carbon footprint, including eating vegan; however, she discovered the hardest transition was finding sustainably-made clothing. So, Adrienne solved the problem by creating the solution: Faerie’s Dance.

In 2005, Adrienne opened Faerie’s Dance as an online store. The e-commerce business allowed her to cut back on traditional brick-and-mortar expenses on the environment, such as utilities powered by fossil fuels, therefore leaving a smaller footprint on the planet. All of Faerie’s Dance clothing products are made from environmentally-conscious fabrics and dyes, and the company sources from manufacturers that have proven they treat their workers fairly. Additionally, the company donates 1% of its gross income to charities that protect nature. Faerie’s Dance is a certified Green Business Network member.