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If you belong to AAA, the popular roadside-assistance and travel insurance program, you may inadvertently be supporting Big Oil, more roads, and fewer bikes on those roads.

AAA sits at the forefront of the highway lobby, a group of automobile-, cement-, oil-, and tire-interest groups that advocate for the construction of more roads and against safety and infrastructure provisions for other forms of travel (like bike lanes and sidewalks). Better World Club m , founded by boyhood friends Mitch Rofsky and Todd Silberman, is an eco-friendly auto club offering the same services (and more!) as AAA, backed by green values.

Through its network of more than 40,000 service providers, Better World Club (BWC) provides nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance. In addition, BWC boasts a one-of-a-kind bicycle roadside assistance program for cyclists.

Because Better World Club is not part of the highway lobby, BWC members can rest assured that their money is not contributing to causes they do not agree with. The company makes a point of supporting efforts to regulate auto emissions and develop mass transit and bike-friendly cities and towns.

Additionally, BWC is committed to donating one percent of its yearly revenue to environmental and climate-related issues while still maintaining prices that are competitive with AAA and other auto clubs. In addition, it offers discounts for hybrid vehicle owners. BWC will match local AAA rates for drivers looking to switch and will waive the new membership sign-up fee for those leaving AAA.

BWC, a carbon-neutral company, also offers access to hotel and car-rental savings, maps, trip-routing, and travel protections at comparable rates to AAA—all while staying true to its green values.