Greening Your Final Arrangements

Source: Neil Thomas, Unsplash

Currently Open:
Ethician Family Cemetery (Huntsville, TX), 936/891-5245.
Foxfield Preserve; a Nature Preserve Cemetery (Wilmot, OH), 330/763-1331.

Galisteo Basin Preserve (Santa Fe, NM), 505/982-0071, ext. 105.
Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve (FL), 850/859-2141.
Greenacres Memorial Park (Ferndale, WA), 360-380-1784. 

Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve (Newfield, NY), 607/564-7577.
Memorial EcoSystems' Honey Creek Woodlands (Conyers, GA), 770/483-7535.
Memorial EcoSystems' Ramsey Creek Preserve (Westminster, SC), 864/647-7798.
Steelmantown Cemetery (Tuckahoe, NJ), 609/628-2297.
White Eagle Memorial Preserve (Goldendale, WA), 206/350-7353.

Find fuller definitions of the different kinds of greener burial sites, including the standards used by the Green Burial Council to certify a site as either a "hybrid burial ground," "green burial ground," or "conservation burial ground," see the Green Burial Council's site. To search by state as more green burial options become available, see the Green Burial Council's searchable listings.