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We all know better than to cry over spilled milk, but for some, spoiled wine can be a real drag. Wine oxidation—the rapid process that causes wine to spoil—occurs when alcohol collides with air to form vinegar and begins as soon as a bottle is opened. Despite how common spoiled wine is, many consumers fail to use preservation techniques and waste $1.27 billion worth of wine each year.

A simple argon-based solution could help change that. Ryan Frederickson, founder of certified Green Business Network member ArT Wine Preserver, has spent a couple years researching the wine-making process to develop an effective product that can save wine—and consumers' money. As an engineer, Frederickson was already equipped with the technical know-how it takes to create an oxidation prevention device, but a 2016 trip to the Sonoma Valley is what really sealed his interest.

“There’s a mix of art and science that goes into making the perfect bottle of wine and actually meeting the people that are apart of that made me really say, ‘OK I need to actually drink every drop of the wine that I’m opening,” says Frederickson. “There’s more to it than just to prevent money from going down the drain. It’s really because this is somebody’s craft.”

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In Sonoma Valley, Frederickson watched dedicated winemakers tend to grapes often grown on their own vines and work long, dawn-to-dusk hours harvesting and executing the fermentation process. Motivated by that hard work, Frederickson developed the ArT Wine Preserver to prevent any wasted drops. As a simple oxidation prevention device, ArT Wine Preserver is effective on anything that will oxidize, including white and red cork preserves alike.

Serving as the Ar in “ArT”, argon’s non-toxic and non-reactive qualities make it a great defense against oxidation. When users spray ArT Wine Preserver into their bottles, a blanket-like coating forms over the wine pushing away oxygen and sealing in its freshness. Argon is analyzed for purity and safety and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration. The ArT formula also dissolves back into the atmosphere when poured making it completely recyclable.

“One of our number one pieces of feedback from customers is that it’s an easy way for them to drink if their significant other doesn’t want to,” says Frederickson. Since oxidation begins as soon as a bottle of wine is uncorked, consumers without company are often forced into a race against time to finish an entire bottle by themselves before it spoils. ArT Wine Preserver gives people the flexibility to enjoy each sip of wine at their own pace, on their own time.

In 2018, Frederickson says his business will focus on supplying tasting rooms at vineyards and cities across the U.S. with ArT Wine Preserver, a product he knows will add value to winemakers and restaurateurs.