How To: Sustainable Fashion

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How To: Sustainable Fashion

Get started as a green business

The Green Business Network® at Green America is home to both rising social and eco enterprises and to well-established green businesses, including sustainable fashion brands. We provide the resources to help business and entrepreneurs with strong social and environmental commitments thrive in today’s competitive green marketplace.

A key benefit of membership is our certification program. This guide provides an overview for achieving our certification for businesses in the Apparel & Textiles sector. If your business meets the criteria in this guide, we encourage to join the Green Business Network and apply for certification. If awarded, we will promote your business to the public and to Green America’s 250,000+ green consumers looking for businesses like yours! 

How To Get Started as a Green Business in the Sustainable Fashion Sector

The fashion industry is one of the least regulated and unsustainable industries. Increasing demand for corporate transparency and for practices that respect workers, communities, and the environment is gradually leading to business changes that benefit people and the planet. Follow the guidelines below to get started on being a green business in this sector. At the Green Business Network, “green” always means social justice and environmental sustainability.

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