The Green Opportunity for Microenterprise

Submitted by greenamerica on August 25, 2010


Opportunities for green microenterprises.

In spite of growing interest in environmental sustainability among consumers, large corporations and policy-makers in the United States, the economic case for action and opportunity for microenterprise remains ill-defined. Presented by the Association of Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), this webinar introduces participants to high impact approaches and tools that can be used to identify and quantify green opportunities for microenterprises.


  • Real-world examples to demonstrate the potential of green cost-savings and market access strategies.
  • Cutting-edge green financing mechanisms available to microenterprise.
  • Opportunities to get involved in an exciting new AEO Green initiative.


About Russ Gaskin and Kate Davenport

Russ Gaskin, Chief Business Officer at Green America, has also served as a director and advisor for numerous beneficial ventures including eBay's, Good Housekeeping's Green Seal of Approval, and the STAR Community Index, a new sustainability standard for cities and towns. He teaches social entrepreneurship, change interventions, and social innovation on the faculty of the master's in sustainable business and communities at Goddard College, the Kogod School of Business at American University, and the master's in organization development program at AU/NTL.

Kate Davenport, Director of Ecoventures International’s GreenBusiness & GreenJobs Program, manages green business training and support programs in Maryland, Delaware, New York, Georgia, and Minnesota with a focus on small green business opportunities in waste management, energy efficiency, green building, green cleaning, hospitality, and local food production. She has a range of experience looking at growing linkages between regional rural and urban economies through the development of green business.

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