Final Push for Strong Consumer & Small Business Protections in the Financial Reform Bill

Submitted by greenamerica on August 15, 2010

Final Push for Strong Consumer & Small Business Protections in the Financial Reform Bill


Thanks to an outpouring of support from the public, small business leaders, consumer advocates, unions, and others, the House of Representatives voted in favor of final passage of financial reform legislation by a vote of 237 – 192 on June 30. Now it’s on to the Senate!

We have a come a long way – and we now need a final push to urge the Senate to support strong financial reform – including the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

This Bureau will safeguard consumers and small business against predatory financial services and products.

The voice of sustainable businesses needs to be heard!

Call (866) 544-7573 (toll-free number for the Senate thanks to Americans for Financial Reform) to urge your Senator to support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


More About the CFPB

Green America supports a strong, independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB - formerly the Consumer Financial Protection Agency).

The CFPB will protect millions of consumers and small to mid-size businesses from abusive financial services and products. Now more than ever, we need a strong and fair financial regulatory system with real accountability.

The CFPB will be dedicated precisely to protecting borrowers from predatory loans and to encouraging fair competition. The CFPB will be good for business, especially for small business owners who often use credit cards and home equity for financing. The CFPB can also play a key role in restoring consumer confidence in the economy. These protections and others will be important for the well-being of our businesses.

Get more details on the CFPB from the Center for Responsible Lending »

Green America is promoting the CFPB as a partner in the American Sustainable Business Council. The council is a national coalition of mission-driven businesses, social enterprises, and sustainable business networks representing 20,000 businesses, social enterprises, and related entities, plus more than 150,000 individual members, many of whom are entrepreneurs, executives or business professionals working to create a just and sustainable economy.

American Sustainable Business Council partners are as follows:
Association for Enterprise Opportunity
Green America
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
California Assoc. for Micro Enterprise Opportunity
New Voice of Business
Green Chamber of Commerce
Green Chamber of the South
Investors Circle
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
New Voice of Business
Progressive Business Leaders Network
Responsible Wealth
Social Enterprise Alliance
Social Venture Network
South Caroline Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Sustainable Business Alliance
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Wealth for the Common Good

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