What If Nature Was A Business

Submitted by Mary Meade on February 2, 2021

Guest Blog by Green Business Network member Steve Kaye, Photographer, Speaker

Suppose you were hired to be the CEO of Nature. A few thoughts on how to proceed.

western bluebird male
Western Bluebird, Male, who wants to know what you would do

Three Considerations Govern Running Nature as a Business

  1. Your goal is to make Nature ecologically profitable. While an economically profitable business may be commendable, that becomes irrelevant if the business fails ecologically.
  2. This business is a closed system. Thus, you cannot sell it, merge with another business, or buy another business. There is only one Nature. Period.
  3. Bankruptcy is not an option.

In fact, if you ruin this business, the result is catastrophic.

6 Strategies to Make Nature a Successful Business

  1. Charge realistic prices. These prices would be high enough to earn a positive return on your investment. Thus, they would cover all costs plus produce an ecological profit. Then invest profits into the business to guarantee its continuation. And so the business will be constantly improving its vitality. Thus, operating Nature with an exploitation-based strategy is unacceptable.
  2. Pay fair wages. A successful economy depends upon everyone having enough. This implies that no one has too little, and no one has too much. Consider water. If you provide too little, life suffers. If you provide enough, life thrives. And if you provide too much, life drowns.
  3. Manage resources. That is, use resources at rates that are below their replacement rates. Obviously, if you use up an essential resource, the business will fail. For example, an increasing number of trees indicates a healthy business. And a declining number of trees indicates trouble. So you might set up trend charts of key resources, such as bees, birds, and trees.
  4. Manage waste. Since this is a closed system, everything must be recycled or reused. This especially applies to toxic wastes. Irresponsible release of toxins will poison the business.
  5. Promote truth. An informed, intelligent public is essential for the success of this business. Otherwise, people will make bad decisions that ruin the business. Thus, you must promote science education. You must sell the importance of protecting Nature. And you must keep the public informed on the realities of science.
  6. Hire the best. These will be the most knowledgeable, most skilled, most experienced people. Consider: Would you hire someone who didn’t believe in arithmetic to manage your money?

One more point.

We are all stockholders this business.


By the decisions we make every day. This includes: What we buy, what we support, what we allow, what we do, what we read, and so on.

So how are you doing in managing your share of this business?

The next generation wants to know.

Reprinted with Permission
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