Victory: EPA issues landmark mercury regulation

Submitted by dpeacock on December 22, 2011

The EPA just issued its long-awaited mercury rules, that will reduce the amount of mercury released by power plants by 90 percent.  This is a huge victory for public health and the environment.  The rules were 20 years in the making, and were fought by a number of utiltities (including Southern Company) and their allies in Congress. However, science was on the side of the EPA, which clearly demonstrated that the new rules created vastly greater benefits compared to the costs.

The public overwhelmingly supported the new rules.  Green America and its members spoke out in favor of the new rules, and Green America submitted comment in favor of the regulations on behalf of its 150,000 individual and 4,000 business members.  There will be challenges to the new rules from opponents in Congress, so we will need to be active in protecting the mercury rules. But, this is an enormous victory after 20 years.

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