TPP is stalled...but not dead yet.

Submitted by ameyer on November 16, 2016

You might have heard that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is dead. The White House has all but given up on efforts to pass this massive and destructive trade deal during this administration. This is promising news for the hundreds of organizations, like Green America, who fought to stop this toxic deal.

Though the TPP won't be moving forward during the lame duck period, it isn't dead yet. And the fight to stop toxic policies doesn’t end with the TPP. 

We are asking that you call Congress today to let our representatives know that we won’t stand for trade deals, or any other policies, that fail to represent the best interest of everyone in this country, working people worldwide, and that fail to protect the environment.

It is important to remind Congress that this trade deal stalled not because of the election but because it does not meet the needs of the American people. The fight to stop the TPP brought together a great coalition of people, from nurses to civil rights activists, from steel workers to environmentalists.

This was a true showing of progress in America and our ability to overcome our differences and stand united to protect everyone’s rights to affordable medicines, fair wages, safe food, a clean environment, and much more. We must continue to push forward and stand up for the rights of all people and not give way to corporate power and special interests.

Please take the time to thank members of Congress for their stand against the TPP and ask them to oppose all future policies that threaten the health of the environment, the safety of our food system, and everyone’s access to fair wages and affordable healthcare.

Call 1-888-701-6507 to tell Congress you won’t stand for toxic policies!

Thank you for standing with Green America to continue its mission to push for a more socially just and environmentally sustainable society for everyone. We need you now more than ever!

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