Top 9 Victories from 2017

Submitted by egreene on December 27, 2017

There is no denying this year has been heartbreaking. But this post isn't about tragic headlines or our political system.

Instead, we want to share the extraordinary progress we've made have made together, despite the chaos in Washington. Together, we are healing America and moving forward.

We are curbing the climate crisis, getting the dirtiest corporations to make clean energy commitments. We’re protecting people, taking the toxins out of electronics manufacturing so millions of workers are safer. We’re standing up to hate, communities and businesses around the country are saying #EveryoneIsWelcomeHere!

Economic activism is what allows us to achieve these victories – the power of consumer pressure, green business innovation, and transforming whole industries – shifting a destructive economy to one that protects the environment and human health. This year we’ve leveraged our past victories to gain even more game-changing success and accomplished 9 big wins, 100% without Washington. 






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